Diamond :
Diamond is a native crystalline carbon that is the hardest known mineral. It is usually nearly colourless. When transparent and free from flaws it is highly valued as a precious stone. It is also used industrially, especially as an abrasive. Crystallized carbon produced artificially is also called diamond. Diamonds make excellent abrasives, because they can be scratched only by other diamonds, or man-made materials, which also mean that they hold a polish extremely well and retain their lustre.

Hallmark Jewellery :
Hallmarking of gold jewellery is carried out on a voluntary basis under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986, in accordance with the Vienna Convention's international criteria on hallmarking.

Gold Metal :
Gold is a precious metal that has been a symbol of wealth since the beginning of time. In its most expensive, pure form of 24 karats, gold is quite soft and malleable. To gain strength and tenacity, gold is commonly combined with other metals, usually with silver and copper in a process called alloying. Although this may decrease the value of the gold slightly, it increases durability and allows gold to be used for long lasting fine jewellery.